Thursday, September 8, 2011

We’re Proud to Have Dr. Barbara Cantalupo Involved

Dr. Barbara Cantalupo has kindly agreed to write the introduction for the upcoming anthology, The Spirit of Poe, and has refused compensation.  We’re humbled and grateful.

Dr. Cantalupo is a rare and wonderful academic.  She is a founding editor of the Edgar Allan Poe Review, and one of the foremost Poe scholars in the world today.  At the risk of sounding flippant, I (this is WJ Rosser writing) have to tell you that her CV can be summed up as “Dr. Cantalupo knows a whole heck of a lot more about Poe than I do.”  Of course, she would never suggest such a thing—she’s far too gracious.  

Nonetheless, she has scores of essays, articles, interviews, and books on the subject.  In addition, she’s chaired conferences, presented at conferences, and lectured all over on Poe and his works.  We’re excited to have this noteworthy and committed individual on board.

When we first decided on the anthology, it was just a thought, almost an afterthought.  We just wanted to do what little we could to help.  The wonderful outpouring of support from the literary community is overwhelming and encouraging.  Thanks, Dr. Cantalupo, for helping us to do what we can to preserve this important part of literary history, the Baltimore Poe House and Museum.  

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