Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Poetry without Poe?

In an ultimate “duh” moment typical of a day in the life of WJ Rosser, we completely forgot about poetry for this anthology.

Is there a person in the western world who wasn’t required to memorize at least some part of “The Raven” during the long days of education?  Karen and WJ have decided no anthology that truly cares about the spirit of Poe could neglect to include some poetry.

Send no more than five dark poems.  We will favor poems similar to Poe’s and attention to strong imagery and structure is important to us!  That said, regale us with your lyrical brilliance!  We will pay $25 per poem, will accept no more than two per author, and of course, the option to donate back your pay to help the cause is available.

Send your poems to

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