Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Authors: Jackson Creed

We’re excited about our mix of authors and stories.  Jackson Creed has written a fabulous story called “Gum for the Soul” and it’s another wonderful reason to pick up our anthology.

Straight from his website:  Jackson Creed writes dark fiction of various forms.  He lives in the deepest, darkest wilds of Europe. He rarely ventures out of his cave.

We’re glad he ventured out for this story.  Take a look:

With his horn-rimmed glasses and the way he pushed them up his nose with one finger, mousy-coloured hair, thinning slightly and patted carefully into place, and his nondescript grey suit, he fitted into the appointments of his drab office with a seamlessness that made him part of the furniture.  The contracts department was a place of paper and files, accumulating dust in the corners and dim light in the height of day.  A patina of city grime obscured what little view lay out the window, not that Joshua would have looked.  He was comfortable in his workplace, comfortable inside his little two-room apartment, cluttered with cardboard cartons, both old paperwork and the records of past deals, and the leftovers of solitary meals in the siren-cut darkness of the city’s night.

That’s fabulous atmosphere and powerful, descriptive writing.  You can reserve your copy of this story and the rest in The Spirit of Poe Anthology by pre-ordering a copy for delivery in early November.

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