Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Authors, Zain Richard Bennett

Zain Richard Bennett was born in Bedfordshire, England in the mid eighties.  Spending much of his young life buried in books, he found a love for stories and words.   It wasn't until his mid teens, though, that he discovered the authors that would come to influence his particular style.  His fascination with words has led to a deep passion for poetry and language, seeding a habit of writing whenever inspiration strikes. Inspired by Poe , Lovecraft and Alghieri, Zain finds particular delight in tales of the odd and amazing.
His writing is fresh and inventive while still reminiscent of the brilliance of his influences.  His story, New World, was a delight to read and include in the anthology.  Here’s a little bit of it for you:

I heard that noise again last night, that ghastly rattling from behind that locked door in the tower. It sounded with a preternatural boom and self-dissonance while wholly unblemished by any hint of accord. I tried my best to not whimper nor respond and hoped my wife, as ill as she now was, would remain asleep in the room next door. It faded after a few short moments, seemingly disinterested by my lack of response. By this point, however, I had long surrendered any hope of sleep myself, though eventually I did manage to drift into a semi-daze of musing and memory.

Read the rest of his story and a number of other great pieces.  Pre-order your anthology today.

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