Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Contributors...James WF Roberts

We’d hoped to already be on the virtual and brick and mortar shelves, but while we’re disappointed by the few delays, we’re still excited about the anthology. James William Francis Roberts is one of the reasons we’re not losing any enthusiasm for the project.

A poet, writer and internet radio presenter on in Australia, he is strives to find the balance between the common man and high culture. Log on to the website to get times for his show. It’s really remarkable to hear his rich baritone voice reading poetry, stories, and creative nonfiction. Get in touch with him and he may read some of your work.

His writing explores the themes, metaphors and imagery of the past using contemporary language, and more often than not, that language is of the average person on the street. Would you believe it? He’s a poet without pretense! His poem in the anthology is The Echo of You, and here’s an appetizer:

            i scream in the depths of night
            when I dream
            when I came home late
            no noise.

              no TV
              no freshly brewed coffee.

            the house a mess—
            worse than usual

James is influenced heavily by William Blake, Edgar Allen Poe, Frederick Nietzsche, Plato, Rainer Maria Rilke, Allen Ginsberg and AD Hope. His poem for this anthology was highly commended by the coveted John Shaw Nielson Poetry Prize for the Fellowship of Australian Writers in 2009/10.

There’s still time to pre-order the anthology to read the rest of James’ poem and the other great writing we’ve put in.


  1. It's a great thing you guys are doing. Looking forward to James's story and everyone else's. Might I suggest that you add the "follow" widget to your sidebar? Anyone with a blogger account can help promote you using that tool. I shall now purchase an anthology and trumpet your cause to the skies.

  2. So nice to see James here. He is an amazing talent in so many areas.



  3. I think I'm following...Elizabeth's suggestion is a good one for a "Follow" widget.. :)